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We have mentioned the improvements in liposuction surgery resulting from the tumescent technique which involves the injection of large amounts of fluid containing local anesthetics and blood vessel constricting medications.

Building on this basis, two innovations have further advanced this remarkable surgical procedure to the point where the name “liposuction” is being replaced by “liposculpture.”

About Liposculpture

These two modifications are: 1) the use of very fine cannulas in place of or in addition to the larger instruments used in the past and 2) the removal of fat immediately beneath the skin. Both of these advances are geared at improving the contour of the skin following liposculpturing. An additional advantage of the use of fine cannulas is decreased swelling and bruising, less blood loss and quicker recovery.

Therefore, instead of making an incision, a tiny puncture is used. This allows us to approach the fatty tissue from multiple sites and directions, improving the accuracy of fat removal. Even more important, by sculpting fat immediately beneath the skin, there appears to be better skin shrinkage resulting in smoother post operative results.

The net result is a smoother post operative result which allows patients with relatively lax skin to now undergo surgery without a high risk of unacceptable skin rippling. Recovery seems to be much faster with less bruising.

Results vary from individual to individual, but there is no question that the use of fine cannulas in the superficial plane combined with tumescent infiltration represents a major step forward in the development of body contouring. While consultation and personal examination is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for the surgery, these improvements have certainly allowed many more individuals to benefit from the operation with less risk, pain and recovery time than before.