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Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed and popular aesthetic procedures in plastic surgery for both men and women alike.

Liposuction is also commonly referred to as liposculpture, and is currently used in various aesthetic, reconstructive and functional fields of medicine. Liposuction is a procedure where fat is removed from specific parts of the body or face using a suction technique.

Our doctors feel that liposuction surgery is a very rewarding procedure for men and women alike. To see the joy in a patient’s eyes when they first see their new and improved physiques is a moment that makes the entire staff have that same joy in their eyes!

To learn more about liposuction and what it can accomplish, view our page below or contact our caring staff today.

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About Liposuction Surgery

The art of liposuction has had many advances over the past few decades. When liposuction was in its beginning stages being performed in France by Dr. Fournier it was performed with what was known as a “dry technique.” However, by the time the procedure was introduced into America by Dr. Illouz he was performing the procedure using saline and hyaluronidase into a “wet technique” which has advanced through the years and is currently known as the “tumescent technique”. These changes greatly reduced the blood loss that was earlier associated with the procedure, allowing more fat removal with expedited recoveries. This is the most common technique practiced today.

We will discuss the varying liposuction techniques with each patient to ensure an artistically designed surgery for each patients skin type and body shaping desires.

Ultrasonic liposuction was later introduced on the thought process that the thermal effects would help play a role in the dissolving of fatty tissues. This technique was mainly embraced by South America and Europe but was quickly rejected by many surgeons who had experienced complications. Newer more efficient ultrasound assisted liposuction procedures have evolved today. The idea of ultrasonic liposuction and the role of lasers and adipose tissue brought about the newest liposuction technique, which is laser lipolysis. Laser assisted liposuction helps emulsify the fat before it is removed.

Benefits of Liposuction

  • Increased self esteem: Liposuction helps improve patients appearance by allowing fat to be removed from certain problem areas such as the abdomen or thighs helping provide a balanced body fat distribution and contoured shape.
  • Removes stubborn fat: Liposuction is an ideal procedure for patients who are in good shape but have certain areas of fat deposits that have been unresponsive to diet and exercise.
  • Improved well being: The results of liposuction often influence patients to have an incentive for better health habits, through both exercise and good dietary choices.
  • Reduces fat cells: When patients gain weight their fat cells increase in size and volume. With liposuction the fat cells are reduced in specific areas providing long-term results.

Liposuction Types


Tumescent liposuction is the most common type of liposuction performed today. During the procedure the surgeon injects a sterile saline solution that helps aid in the fat removal. The saline solution has additives of lidocaine and epinephrine. The lidocaine helps in reducing pain and the epinephrine helps the blood vessels to constrict reducing bleeding and bruising. Small incisions are then made and a cannula is attached to a vacuum machine where the fat is suctioned out of the desired areas.


Ultrasound assisted liposuction or UAL is a technique used in conjunction with traditional liposuction techniques. It involves the surgeon using a metal rod that emits ultrasonic frequencies to rupture the fat cell walls to breakdown the fat and aid in its removal. The newer generations of ultrasound assisted liposuction include the Vaser assisted liposuction that is considered to help improve skin contouring and reduce the chances of skin injuries that were considered to be complications associated with other ultrasound assisted techniques.

Laser Assisted

Laser assisted liposuction or LAL is a technique where a high intensity laser light is used during the procedure and inserted through small incisions to emulsify the fat before removing it with a cannula.

Power Assisted

Power Assisted Liposuction or PAL is performed with a cannula that vibrates allowing it to move back and forth in rapid motions to remove tough fat. This technique may be used in patients who have already had a liposuction procedure or need large volumes of fat removed.


The results of liposuction become more apparent as swelling dissipates during the recovery process. This is a very exciting time for patients to see their new and improved body shape. Patients who maintain their weight or have weight loss after liposuction surgery have results that will last a lifetime.

Our boutique plastic surgery center allows one on one communication with the staff at all times and our doctors provide their personal cell phone to all surgical patients to ensure that they have a smooth transition through their recovery period.

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Patients who are in generally good shape and have pocket areas of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise are excellent candidates for liposuction surgery.

Candidates for liposuction surgery should be in good health with no conditions that could complicate surgery. Patients who have lipodystrophy or an imbalance of fat distribution in their bodies are ideal candidates for liposuction surgery.  Women’s bodies come in many shapes and sizes; including triangle, round, oval and pear. Patients with these varying body types often lean to liposuction to help balance their curves and provide an hourglass figure where your hips and bust are equal in size and your waist is narrower than both.

Men are also excellent candidates for liposuction to treat localized areas of excess fat generally in the abdomen, love handles and chin. Some men also have excessive fatty breast tissue often referred to as “gynecomastia” which is very responsive to liposuction surgery.


What to Do Before Liposuction

We have two patient consultants that walk each patient through the phases of their scheduled surgery. A preoperative appointment is set where we review the preoperative instructions, consents, commonly asked questions and ensure that the patient has been provided all of the information they need to be prepared and excited for their upcoming liposuction surgery.

medication sheet is filled out by the patient which is reviewed by our anesthesiologist to ensure that any medications a patient may be on does not have any adverse side effects that could cause complications during the procedure. Patients will be asked to refrain from taking any aspirin or aspirin containing compounds, as well as most vitamins and herbs that cause thinning of the blood.

If patients smoke they will be asked to refrain from smoking due to complications related to nicotine intake.

If the patient is traveling from out of town then we are always happy to set up arrangements for aftercare.  We have multiple aftercare facilities located nearby if they are traveling alone or hotel accommodations of varying price ranges for patients who are traveling with a caregiver. We also provide each patient with a postoperative goody bag that contains many items you will need post surgery to help with your healing and comfort.

What Happens During Liposuction?

The day of surgery you will be brought in for a preoperative discussion with one of our doctors to discuss any last minute questions or concerns they may have. You will then be escorted into our fully accredited private operating facility to meet our anesthesiologist, recovery room nurses, and operating room technician.

Once you meet our team of professionals you will become very comfortable as they provide the utmost in care to our patients and take every consideration possible to ensure that your procedure is a day you will remember fondly.

Once the procedure is finished you will be awakened from sleep and placed into a postoperative liposuction garment.  You will then rest and relax in the recovery room until you feel like you are ready to go home. Your nurse will review your post operative instructions with your caregiver and they will be able to come into the recovery room and say hello to you prior to being discharged home to rest.

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction patients are generally seen two days after their procedure. During this time we ask that the patient rests and recovers however still ambulates throughout the day a few laps around the house with assistance. It is typical for patients to have some bruising, swelling, and soreness after liposuction surgery however the compression garment will help reduce these discomforts.

Most patients will resume exercise in three to six weeks. We will design a postoperative plan specific to each patients needs and help them through the recovery phase.


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