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Changes to the chin can improve and the appearance of proportion and harmony of other facial features.

Chin Surgery is a procedure that reshapes the lower contours of the face. Chin Surgery is also called mentoplasty or genioplasty. The chin anchors the features of the face, and adjustments to the size, shape, and prominence of the chin can impact the face’s overall aesthetics. Changes to the chin can improve and the appearance of proportion and harmony of other facial features.

Chin Surgery can correct a large chin with protruding angles, or improve the presence of a recessed and overly subtle chin.

It can also improve the alignment of the jaw, and thus correct a variety of dental and respiratory concerns.(1) To address your concerns with the shape or dimensions of your chin, consider the benefits of chin surgery.

At Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, our surgeons have decades of experience and understand the ripple effect that even a slight modification can have on a patient’s appearance and self-confidence. And as our glowing reviews show, our patients agree.

To learn about the options available to you regarding chin reshaping, contact our offices to schedule your personal consultation. Call (949) 919-6371 and speak to one of our friendly staff members. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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About Chin Surgery in Orange County

The exact dynamics of a restructured chin are guided by the individual patient’s anatomy and aesthetic desires. Dr. Kouli approaches each chin with an eye for symmetry, strength, and balance. When discussing the chin, both the horizontal length (how far the chin extends outward from the jawbone) and vertical length (the distance from the lower lip to the tip of the chin) are considered.

Chin Reduction

If your chin protrudes further than you’d prefer, or gives your face a wider, fuller appearance, a chin reduction surgery can help. Your surgeon can carefully, skillfully access the lower jawbone and contour it to your specifications. Chin reduction surgery makes improvements across many facial dimensions.

You can request vertical reduction and/or horizontal setback to contour your profile in either depth and height. The edges of the jawbone that frame the chin can also be narrowed. This procedure is particularly popular with women seeking a more delicate, traditionally feminine contour to the lower face.

Chin Augmentation

On the other end of the spectrum, some chins need a bit of a boost to help them stand out. When a chin recedes back towards the neck when viewed in profile, it is a condition called retrogenia.[2] Retrogenia can be remedied by adding volume to the chin, which can be accomplished in a number of ways. Your jawbone can be repositioned, and augmented with bone taken from other parts of the jaw, or areas of your body.

If using your own bone is not a viable option, chin implants may be the best method of adding volume to the lower face. Your surgeon will explain the possible procedures best for you, and the benefits of each option during your comprehensive consultation.


Chin augmentation can be performed with chin implants or through a surgical lengthening of the bone. To insert a chin implant, we carefully conceal an incision along the interior of the mouth (under the lower lip) or beneath the chin. A pocket is created over the chin bone and the implant is gently put in place.

For a genioplasty that aims to improve the angles of the chin, the chin bone is separated, moved forward slightly, and surgically reattached with medical hardware. In other cases, pieces of bone from other areas are sculpted and attached to create a more prominent chin. (3) Your doctor will discuss the benefits of each of these techniques during your individual consultation. The process must be tailored to your anatomy to deliver subtle yet stunning results.

In some cases, chin reduction surgery is the best way to achieve the desired outcome. In these instances, the chin bone is reduced or reshaped using a surgical burr, drill, or saw. You will be given the proper anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


You may not be able to see the results of your chin surgery immediately after your surgery. However, after the swelling subsides in the days and weeks afterward, you’ll slowly see your new chin emerge. After your chin surgery, you may notice an overall improvement in the balance of your facial features. Whether you want a smaller, more delicate chin, or a stronger chin that defines your jawline, a chin surgery can transform your appearance. Cin cin!

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Kouli to discuss the best way to reach your aesthetic goals. We’ll review your medical history and examine your facial structure to determine whether you are a good candidate for chin surgery. At Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the latest advances in procedure and technology.

During your consultation, we’ll use our digital imaging software to create a visual representation of your expected results. You’ll be able to share your ideas for your new chin, and review the details of your upcoming procedure with your surgeon. The methods and means of your chin surgery will determine the cost of your procedure. You’ll also be advised how best to prepare for surgery and optimize your recovery.

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Benefits of Genioplasty in Newport Beach

Reshaping your chin can boost your confidence as well as the contours of your profile. But whether you live a high-profile life or not, the benefits of chin surgery are more than skin deep.

  • Reduce a prominent chin
  • Augmentation of a weak chin
  • Defined jawline
  • More slender appearance of the neck and face
  • Bring balance to facial proportions
  • Create a softer “feminine” or stronger “masculine” appearance
  • Improve bite alignment and mouth closure
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Am I a Candidate For Chin Surgery?

If you are in good health and wish to alter the shape, size, or angle of your chin, then surgery may be the ideal solution. It’s important to have realistic expectations for cosmetic enhancement and be willing to work closely with Dr. Kouli to convey your goals. It’s also important to understand the scope of any invasive surgical procedure. Because chin surgery may involve manipulating aspects of your jawbone, an X-Ray will be required to ensure the integrity of your jawbone.  We’ll examine your eligibility for surgical enhancement during your personal consultation.


During your consultation, the team at Esthetica will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare you for chin surgery. These will be tailored to your needs and medical history. You may be advised to quit smoking at least a month before surgery.

You might also be asked to stop taking certain blood thinners in order to promote optimal circulation. As with any surgery, a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and quality sleep will give your body the advantages it needs to make a fast recovery and obtain ideal results.


After chin surgery, bandages will cover all external incisions. Internal sutures should be washed after eating until the time when they dissolve on their own. The typical recovery period is 7-10 days; mild swelling can persist for up to 3 weeks. But keep your chin up! Discomfort after surgery can be managed with medication if necessary.

Be sure to protect your chin from accidental impacts and sun exposure. As with any surgical procedure, adverse events are possible with chin surgery. These may include infection, bleeding, asymmetrical appearance, skin irregularities, atypical scarring, and changes in sensitivity. Risks and safety information will be reviewed and discussed in detail during your consultation. Stay in touch with the team at Esthetica so that we can celebrate your progress!


The cost of your chin surgery will depend on whether you are looking to reduce or augment the size of your chin, and the steps needed in order to achieve your results. You’ll be given an accurate estimate of the cost of your procedure during your consultation.

If you have other cosmetic goals in mind, keep an eye on our specials page for exclusive deals on the many services we offer. If you have any other questions, call our office at (949) 919-6371We’re here to make Orange County even more beautiful.

How Does Chin Surgery Fix A Weak Chin?

Chin surgery, or a genioplasty, can improve the appearance of a weak chin by using implants, the patient’s bone grafts, or repositioning the jaw.

Does Chin Surgery Cause Scarring?

In many cases, surgeons access the chin through an incision inside the lower lip, beneath the bottom teeth. This prevents any visible scarring on the exterior or the chin. In other cases, the incision is made under the chin, in which case, some evidence of the surgery may be visible when the head is moved back.


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