Liposuction for Men

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Fat cells lie beneath the skin throughout the body, but accumulate in greater amounts in certain areas.

When we gain or lose weight, we are typically not adding or subtracting fat cells but rather changing the amount of fat within each cell. It is not surprising; therefore, that many people find that in spite of the weight they lose, they are left with bulges or fat deposits in undesirable places.

If a healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t enough to achieve your ideal physique, liposuction can help. To begin planning your procedure, please contact one of our Orange County offices today and schedule a consultation.


Liposuction surgery is a technique that uses a high suction attached to special probes which are passed through tiny punctures made in inconspicuous places around the body. Fat cells are literally suctioned out, allowing the surgeon to shape or contour various parts of the body. The technique we use combines the use of very tiny cannulas with the injection of fluids to minimize the risk of bleeding. We can treat most areas of the body through this approach that virtually eliminates visible scars.

Liposuction surgery can be used nearly any place on the body.

It has proven particularly effective in the neck, belly, waist, hips and thighs. In addition, it can be used on the arms, buttocks, knees and ankles. As more experience is gained, more areas of the body are becoming suitable for liposuction surgery. Liposuction can also be used to correct gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), and is frequently used to reduce “love handles” from the waist.


The operation is suitable for both men and women. Age itself is not a determining factor although; the patient must be in good general health.

Since the procedure removes fat only, and does not remove overlying skin, it is important that the patient have satisfactory overlying skin tension.

As patients age, skin tension lessens.

Nevertheless, the procedure has frequently been carried out on older patients with very satisfactory, although not perfect, results. It is often quite surprising how well the skin will contract after this surgery. Cellulite is not improved by the operation although, it is generally not worsened.

Liposuction surgery is primarily considered a contouring procedure, and is not specifically intended for the treatment of obesity. It can be useful, however, as an adjunct to diet and physical conditioning in the management of the overweight patient where contour problems play a role.

Recent experience has shown that liposuction surgery can be used to remove larger volumes of fat from obese patients. In these cases, it may be necessary to carry out more than one operative procedure. Most cases will involve the removal of less than 6 liters of fat in any one surgical session.



Procedures are performed at a fully accredited outpatient surgical center.


2 days


1.5 hours


Same day of surgery.