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Tailor Your Nose To Perfection

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States and is undertaken by both women and men wishing to improve their facial appearance. (1) However, the aesthetic considerations for male rhinoplasties are markedly different than the ideal that women seek when re-shaping the nose.

If you’re a man who is thinking about undergoing a rhinoplasty, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who has exceptional skills, experience, and an artistic eye to ensure that your new nose is elegant but masculine and a natural fit for your face.

At Esthetica Center for Plastic SurgeryDr. Wael Kouli has decades of experience in rhinoplasty and has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries in just the past year alone.  Dr. Kouli is well-trusted, published, and esteemed for his  contributions to the medical community. To learn more about his  practice and how he  can tailor your nose to perfection, schedule an appointment for a private consultation by calling (949) 919-6526. Their offices are conveniently located in Newport Beach, just blocks from the glimmering coastline.

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About Rhinoplasties

Common reasons for choosing rhinoplasty include reducing the size of the nose and improving the contours and angles of the nose. Although some men have always been dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose, others have suffered an external trauma to the face that may have changed their nose’s form and function. Anyone who’s ever watched a hockey game can certainly appreciate the benefits of rhinoplasty!

Rhinoplasties can also help patients who have difficulty breathing. The operation can be performed on all age groups, including teens and the elderly. However, the male nose doesn’t stop growing until around age 17, so patients should wait until then to undergo this procedure.

What Makes The Male Nose Unique?

The male nose is typically larger than the female nose and has a wider, higher bridge. It meets the upper lip at a roughly 90-degree angle. As a result, the nose job that gives a woman a “cute” button-nose with a slight upturn isn’t necessarily right for a male patient. The ideal male rhinoplasty brings the nose into proportion with the rest of the facial features while preserving the patient’s unique masculinity and heritage. After all, there’s no getting around your nose. There isn’t a hat or a hairstyle that can hide it: it’s in the middle of your face. And, it can have an impact on how people perceive you. In a recent study, participants looked at pictures of men with dorsal humps (the “bump” on the bridge of the nose) and varying angles of nasal projection.

Particular combinations of these features impacted how the participants estimated the pictured man’s perceived age, approachability, attractiveness, health, gender expression, intelligence, and success(2)

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Does your nose make you look successful? That may be hard to say. Perhaps a better question: is your nose successful? If you’re having trouble breathing, it’s simply not doing its job. Many difficulties breathing and “crooked” noses are caused by a deviated septum. The human nose is a complex body part: muscles, cartilage, and the underlying bone structure of the skull all work together to allow our noses to function properly. The septum is the thin strip of cartilage that runs down the center of your nose, separating your right nasal cavity from the left. A septum that is too large or misshapen will end up warping or bowing in the nose, preventing regular airflow and often causing the nose to veer out of alignment. (3)

A septorhinoplasty is a combined procedure that addresses both function and aesthetics. The “septo” portion will address a deviated septum or other obstruction issues, while the “rhinoplasty” addresses the cosmetic changes the patient desires.

Benefits of a Nose Job in Orange County

Many patients are amazed at the improvements in their quality of life once proper airflow is restored. There’s no need to endure discomfort with this vital function! A rhinoplasty can also help eyeglasses fit more securely on the face, and improve your vision.

Countless studies have also proved that a rhinoplasty can positively impact how we are perceived in society. A study of casual observers noted that patients who had undergone rhinoplasties were perceived to be significantly more attractive, more successful, and healthier. (4) Enjoy a boost of confidence as you project the best version of yourself.

Candidates For Male Rhinoplasty

The nose is a prominent and complex organ, and so rhinoplasty is an involved cosmetic surgery with a significant recovery period. The decision to undergo a nose job should not be taken lightly. At Esthetica, we make sure that our patients are informed and prepared to make an educated, confident decision about their rhinoplasty.

A gentleman may prove to be a viable candidate for a nose surgery if he displays any of the following characteristics:

  • A bridge (the root of your nose between the eyes) that is too high or low
  • A tip of the nose that has skewed contours
  • An overly large or bulbous nose tip
  • Large bump on the midline of the nose (dorsal hump)
  • Exaggerated nostrils that extend unnaturally
  • A droopy or asymmetrical nose

Dr. Kouli will explain how rhinoplasty can benefit you during your personal consultation.

Personal Consultation

When you come to our offices in Newport Beach for a personal consultation, we will review your medical history, and discuss your health. If you’re a good candidate for a rhinoplasty, you’ll have the unique opportunity to participate in designing your new nose.

Esthetica offers its patients cutting-edge technology and uses digital imaging to create an image of their proposed surgical results. This image includes personal details such as bone structure, nasal anatomy, and the thickness of the skin, so patients have an accurate “picture” of what their results will look like.

If you have a specific look in mind, even better. We encourage our male patients to bring in photos of noses they admire, whether that of a celebrity, or a family member.

Once the doctor and patient identify the ideal nose for the patient, then the doctor is able to determine the exact surgical techniques necessary to attain the desired result. These details including the approach, will be discussed at length to ensure a successful surgical outcome. Each rhinoplasty surgery is artistically designed by our doctors to help balance the patient’s profile and complement the overall facial aesthetics. For those who also struggle with breathing issues, a surgical solution will be incorporated into the procedure to ensure that the patient is left with a handsome nose with improved function.


Preparation and Procedure

As patients age, skin tension lessens.

Your nose job will be unique to your face and designed to complement your other facial features with a natural and enhanced appearance. During your personal consultation, you’ll be given specific instructions on how to prepare for this procedure. The techniques that your surgeon utilizes will depend on the changes that you require. Rhinoplasties are performed under general anesthesia, and most surgeries take 1-2  hours.


The male rhinoplasty recovery period varies from patient to patient. In the days following surgery, the patient may experience congestion, headaches, swelling, and other physical symptoms. These symptoms fade as the patient continues to heal. Nose bandages and a nose cast are worn for the first week. Rhinoplasty patients are always seen for follow-up appointments the day after their surgery, a few days later, and again on day seven when the nasal splint is removed and the patient has their big reveal. Reveal day is always a favorite of our doctors and our staff! Many patients will resume some of their normal activities in the days following surgery. However, we typically recommend that our rhinoplasty patients avoid strenuous activities for up to four weeks after surgery, and receive medical clearance before resuming an exercise regimen.


While most patients are very happy with the immediate changes of their rhinoplasty,  it does take some patients time to see the final results. Rhinoplasty swelling takes about three to four months to improve, and up to ten months to completely dissipate. The tip of the nose takes the longest to improve, and so final results from your rhinoplasty may not be visible for an entire year. Our staff will walk you through each part of the recovery phase to provide you peace of mind during your healing process, and our doctors are always just a phone call away.

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost in Orange County?

There’s no one like you, and so your rhinoplasty procedure and cost will be unique to your needs. You’ll be provided with an accurate estimate of the price of your rhinoplasty during your personal consultation. The Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery features frequent specials, so be sure to sign up for offers, and to follow us on social media.


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