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NuEra Tight is an advanced rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin. Unlike other radiofrequency, or RF, devices, NuEra Tight can utilize a range of different RF frequencies to meet the unique needs of each patient. Featuring a fast, non-invasive session, NuEra is the ideal lunchtime procedure for treating skin laxity as well as improving areas of the body marked by cellulite. If you’re dismayed by the signs of aging but are looking for an effective alternative to surgery, consider NuEra. A smooth external applicator emits precisely calibrated radiofrequency waves that travel deep into the dermis, where they stimulate production of the key ingredient for healthy, firm, youthful skin: collagen! Ready to learn more? Schedule a personal consultation at Esthetica of Newport Beach. Call (949) 721-1113 to speak with one of our helpful staff members and get started on your path to smoother, revitalized skin.

NuEra for You

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Radiofrequency devices are hot when it comes to today’s leading non-invasive treatments–literally! RF treatments work by creating a thermal effect in the tissues, heating the key components of the dermis that keep our skin firm. As the multi-frequency wavelengths penetrate deep into our tissues, they create a carefully controlled electrical field that reacts with the water molecules in our skin. As the temperature rises, existing stores of collagen are restructured and contract, gradually pulling the overlying skin taut. In the coming weeks, the body responds to the sudden introduction of heat as if an injury had occurred. Growth factors and other regenerative properties send collagen production into overdrive.  Expect ongoing improvement! Renewed collagen production helps skin become more firm, reducing the appearance of sagging and the appearance of cellulite. Research also suggests that this thermal effect can also damage unwanted fat cells.

Additional Benefits

While other energy-based aesthetic treatments can be uncomfortable or lead to lengthy recovery times, NuEra is easy. Patients describe the sensation as being similar to a hot stone massage. And, once the quick treatment session is over, patients can jump right back into their day, with no one being the wiser.

NuEra uses a proprietary technology called FocalRF, which allows the specially trained technician at Esthetica to customize the depth at which the RF energy penetrates the targeted tissue. Different areas of the body have different thicknesses of tissue, so it’s vital that these helpful frequencies are calibrated to reach exactly where they are needed. This may mean loose skin around your jawline, or on your thighs. For patients with other medical conditions, NuEra’s Focal RF can be used to alleviate pain, calm muscle spasms, and improve blood circulation, which is important for all of our vital functions.

Short on time? Because NuEra Tight’s thermal effect is controlled automatically by built-in NuAPIC technology, temperatures are controlled and be utilized to target several different layers of tissue at once.


It couldn’t get any easier. Make sure all your jewelry and any other metal accessories have been removed. Then, lay back and relax! Your treatment area will have a cream applied to the treatment area that aids in conduction and glide. Then, your technician will place the smooth, flat applicator on the treatment site. If you’re looking to banish cellulite, they’ll use a handpiece with massaging rollerballs. In the next 30 minutes, the device will emit the powerful but painless radiofrequency waves to your treatment area, and then, you’ll be done! While you tackle the rest of your schedule, your body’s own regenerative functions are actively producing new supplies of pristine collagen to firm and rejuvenate your skin.

When you come to your consultation at Esthetica, we’ll design a personalized treatment plan based on your unique skin condition and the areas that you’d like to treat. After we get to know you better, we’ll be able to tell you what kinds of results you can expect, and how many sessions you may need to achieve them. And although NuEra is FDA-approved, popular, and effective, it isn’t for everyone. Esthetica offers a wide range of surgical rejuvenation procedures, and you can be sure that we’ll recommend the most effective treatment to meet your needs. Schedule your personal consultation today to see what this technology can do for you. If you’re ready to learn more, call our Newport Beach offices at (949) 721-1113and let’s get started!