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Real people with life-changing results

5.0 stars - based on 11 reviews

by J.P.

"Thank you so much for everything you did for me!"

“I can’t say enough about this doctor he looked at my problem which was pretty bad and Immediately knew that he could fix it. His confidence reassured me that would be no problem! I Was apprehensive as this is not my first experience with the plastic surgeon and my first one was not so wonderful which was the problem he was going to Fix not only did he fix it was beyond what I thought it could be thank you so much for everything you did for me in my heart forever.”

by Shellee W.

"Meeting dr. Kouli was the best decision I have ever made."

“My sister got married 2 years ago(she’s 100 pounds of tiny), and I remember thinking I’ll never look the way she did in a wedding dress. I hated my thighs after years of trying to fix the issue myself. That was when I decided it’s time to consider liposuction, so when I get married- I’ll love how I look in my wedding dress.

It’s been 2 years since my surgery(can’t believe it)- Dr Kouli & Kim I’m so sorry I took this long to leave a review!! I initially met with Kim- she’s absolutely wonderful!!! I have never experienced customer service like theirs, every question was promptly answered, any changes requested were made without complaints, every concern was immediately reassured. Dr. Kouli sees every body differently- as if his work was custom made specifically for me. I did 12 areas of lipo and fat transfer to the boobies! COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! Pursuing plastic surgery with doctor Kouli was the best decision I have EVER made.

My weight has fluctuated since the surgery (due to thyroid issues) which changed things a little, but through that- Dr. Kouli created a foundation that changed the way my body looks when gaining or losing weight. My body isn’t perfect and I don’t think it will ever be, but with Dr. Koulis help, I now LOVE my body!!! Its a life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone who’s considering it. It wasn’t a painless experience, recovery was definitely tough. I was able to text Dr. Kouli at any time of the day and his responses were always prompt and helpful- which made me feel like I have a support system rooting for me and my recovery. Thank you for caring- you’re all truly amazing!!!

My wedding was last weekend, and I just received some of my teasers. As I looked at the photos I immediately thought of Dr. Kouli and my experience with them, thank you so much for helping me love my body. Thank you for making not only my wedding dress dream come true, but my every day dream of loving what I see when I look at myself. I love you all!!!”

by Sahar B.

"Dr. Kouli has all of my trust."

“Let’s start off by saying this office is Front desk receptionist is so sweet. From the first appointment until my post op appointment, I’ve had nothing but a 5/5 star experience. The staff is so caring and loving. I felt so safe in their hands. Dr. Kouli performed rhinoplasty on me on Oct 25,2018. When I came in to get more information on the surgeries he performs, he was so confident that he could the problems I was feeling I had with my nose. His confidence made me feel like I was in the right hands. He was seeing what I meant when I was pointing out what features were bothering me.

Dr. Kouli reassured me that he could take care of the tip of my nose, that’s what was bothering me the most. He suggested I also just shave a little of the bone off to make it a little slimmer. I’m SOOOOOOOOO happy I listened and did that as well. It was included in the price, I was just being a chicken about it. After my surgery I was swollen for about 2 weeks, then I started seeing my new nose shape come through. Now it is Jan 28,2019 and my nose is what I was dreamed of! I had been coming in for post op appointments and everything is healing more and more beautifully every time. My nose is so perfect to me now. It looks like the nose I was supposed to have for my face shape. The surgery was so smooth. My recovery went amazing. No pain at all but you know just the usual discomfort because I couldn’t breathe out of my nostrils for about 2 weeks.

I recommend Dr. Kouli 100%. He has all my trust and if I ever need anything else in the future he will for sure always be my go to doctor. My brothers girlfriend had recommended him to me. She got a BBL. She looks amazing!!!! After my surgery I recommended my friend to him and she got her surgery done last week. The point is your in safe hands and you will be so happy with your results! Thank you Dr. Kouli for everything and thank you to the amazing staff as well!”

by M. M.

"I highly recommend dr. Kouli!"

“Many thanks to Dr. Kouli! You are the best ever and you made my life better. I made the reshape however in 2 weeks I lost almost 20 pounds and now I need to change my jeans size. I would like to say many thanks to the best staff ever ( Tina, Susan, Kim ) and there is another nurse I forget her name many thanks to you my dear. Guys really, you are the best and I highly recommend Dr. Kouli if you plan to lose weight in safe way and very very good price.”

by M. M.

"Dr. Kouli is amazing! I could talk about him forever!"

“I searched for about 2 years for the right doctor to complete my liposuction. I had been to different consultations in different cities etc, but when I had my consultation here I knew immediately this is where I wanted to have my surgery done!

I am 22 years old and have always been a smaller fit girl , but of course after graduating high school and moving out on my own to college I put on some weight. I explained to doctor Kouli that I wanted a “snatched” waist (as I had lipo done on my upper lower abs , love handles , flanks & inner thighs) and he did not disappoint. My waist is so tiny and I literally have the body shaped like a coke bottle. So Major props to Dr Kouli for giving me my exact results, As my fear with the whole process was getting off the table and not be satisfied.

As for the comfortably of my whole experience is a 10/10! From the ladies at the front working with me in my payment situation , to my consultation , to the morning of my very first surgery ever & even post op. My surgery was done on October 20th and the office still checks up on me.

Post op: I thought I was going to be in crazy amounts of pain but I actually healed very very quickly! The doctor is amazing & to also give his personal line to you or who is taking care of you after surgery to call or text at any time of the day if you run into any questions or concerns. OH & also you get a free session of skin tightening some sorta treatment of that sort a few weeks after your surgery is complete (:

Man, I can go on forever ! So I think we all get the idea of how amazing this office truly Is! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions I would be more than happy to tell you more about my experience (:”

by Asia L.

"I’m forever grateful for dr. Kouli and his staff!"

“Dr. Kouli is extremely skilled and a very compassionate, caring doctor. I have had several surgeries over my lifetime due to burn injuries and necessary reconstructive procedures. Dr. Kouli absolutely blew me away with how skilled and detailed he was. My procedure should have left a huge defect and scar, but Dr. Kouli was able to achieve perfect results with a very very tiny incision. Throughout the whole process, he put my worries at ease and I knew from the start that I was in good hands. If you’re looking for a highly skilled, very attentive and genuinely caring surgeon, look no further.”

by Mary R.

"My results were excellent! Completely recommend!"

“Firstly, this place is as beautiful as it gets. You feel pampered and more pretty just by entering without having any work done. Every procedure was scheduled promptly and the results are excellent. Completely recommend! Doctor Kouli was attentive and very pleasant, knowledgeable and did an excellent job. His nurse and everyone in the office are awesome. Thumps up!”

by PA H.

"I would highly highly recommend dr. Kouli to anyone!"

“I came to Dr. Kouli for breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier! Of course, I had my fears and hesitations with a surgery this big, but Dr. Kouli and his staff immediately put them to rest. He definitely took into consideration my personal needs and my lifestyle to determine how the surgery was to be done. I am 100% satisfied with how everything turned out. And I’m so glad I chose to come here!”

by Sarah O.

"I am very happy with my procedure, and my treatment!"

“Came to San Diego from NJ to have gastric balloon placed. Wonderful experience from start to finish. Staff was organized-especially since I was coming from out of state. The office and procedure room were immaculate. Dr. Kouli and staff checked up on me often post procedure. When I went to have ballon removed I received the same great treatment. If you are struggling with weight loss and looking for a non surgical approach this might be great for you.”

by Jennifer F.

"Thank you dr kouli, for your care and support."

“Dr Kouli and his staff are very professional, friendly, caring and supportive through the surgery and recovery process. I interviewed several surgeons before deciding on Dr Kouli. His technique was the best for my particular surgery. I like keeping as many of my parts as possible and keeping my lymph nodes so my body could heal naturally without drainage lines was the clincher for me. Thank you Dr Kouli and staff for your genuine caring and support.”

by Belinda M.