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Achieve a Chiseled and Sophisticated Look

Buccal fat reduction is facial contouring surgery to slim your face and enhance your cheekbones. Kiss your baby-face goodbye! Sure, “chipmunk cheeks” can be cute when you’re under twenty-one. But, in adults, the blowfish look will undermine your adulthood and undercut your sexuality.

You’re a grown-up! Your facial contours ought to reflect the respect you’re owed. The aesthetic experts at Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery, in Orange County, California, have the know-how to help you look and feel your finest, at any age. Located in beautiful Newport Beach, California, Esthetica serves Orange County and beyond with premier aesthetic services.

Our surgeons are leaders in the industry with extensive training and experience. Let our team take care of you. Contact us for consultation. Book your personal consultation with us by calling (949) 919-6462 or by filling out our inquiry form.

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About Buccal Fat Reduction

“Buccal” comes from the Latin word bucca, which means “puffed cheek.” It is pronounced like “buckle” (the kind you have on your belt). Buccal reduction is a procedure that highlights the cheekbones by reducing the puffed appearance of chubby cheeks. Your pinchable “chipmunk cheeks” might have been adorable in your youth, but they do not fit in so well with the sleek and sexy style you’re cultivating these days.

High fashion has spoken! Sharp and chiseled features are all the rage on the runway. Don’t leave your sophisticated contours buried under buccal fat. A proper reduction at Esthetica in Orange County will sculpt your facial features and have you runway ready in no time.

Dr. Kouli is known for his subtle and precise approach to buccal fat reduction. We are sure not to overharvest the cheeks. Losing too much buccal fat may lead to a sunken, gaunt appearance.[1] Our surgeons are guided by the highest principles of aesthetics so that you can enjoy balanced beauty when your wonderful results emerge.

What Does Buccal Fat Reduction Do?

In buccal fat reduction, the doctors remove excess fat from the pads in your lower cheeks. The procedure diminishes facial fullness. It is useful for curtailing the puffy “chipmunk cheeks” that can cause some people to feel self-conscious. Through the strategic removal of just the right amount of tissue, buccal fat reduction decreases prominent cheeks and results in a more finely sculpted facial shape.

Benefits of the Procedure

Fortunately, there is no visible scarring in buccal fat reduction surgery. The delicate work is all done inside of your mouth. When performed properly, the procedure will endow your visage with a serene and statuesque appearance. So, blow off your blowfish face and free your inner fierceness with this premium aesthetic treatment.

Best of all, Buccal fat reduction is safe and simple.[2]

The downtime is blessedly minimal. Most of Esthetica’s buccal fat reduction patients return to work after three days. This cheek-slimming surgery can create a more mature facial contour in adults who seek to eliminate the “baby face” look.

Qualified Candidates

If you’re concerned about an excess of lower facial fat, you should consider a buccal fat pad reduction at Esthetica. Many of our buccal fat reduction patients have furiously but unfruitfully tried trimming down their facial fat with diet and exercise. These patients come to Estehtica after they have reached an inevitable dead end. That’s because, when it comes to buccal fat pads, diet and exercise just don’t work!

Even our slender patients may contend with stubborn chubby cheeks. Buccal fat reduction surgery is an effective way to slim the face, providing patients with a stylishly contoured countenance. It is important that a buccal fat reduction candidate is generally healthy. Qualified candidates have a set of realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure.

Your Personal Consultation at Esthetica

Our Esthetica team is warm and receptive and we now offer Virtual Consultations. You’re in good hands with Dr. Wael Kouli. They are renowned cosmetic surgeons who have reshaped the faces and bodies of thousands of satisfied patients. Your personal consultation is an opportunity to learn about your treatment options.

Esthetica’s plethora of positive reviews is a steadfast statement of our surgical skill.  Contact us to learn more. To schedule a consultation call (949) 919-6462.

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Rapid Recovery

You will leave Esthetica the same day as your surgery with your cheeks wrapped in an iced headband. You may experience some swelling in the first week, but your recovery will be quick and easy.  For a safe and speedy recovery (and to preserve your results), faithfully follow the aftercare instructions the Esthetica team provides you.

Complementary Procedures

It should come as no surprise to anyone that unwanted roundness or fullness can happen in other areas of the body besides the face. Stubborn fat at the belly, love handles, thighs and buttocks can be just as resistant to your diligent dieting efforts as your chubby cheeks. In these unfortunate (but oh so common!) instances, Esthetica offers other rejuvenating and body contouring procedures for your consideration.


Liposuction is one of our more popular procedures at Esthetica. Through a series of simple incisions, liposuction removes excess fat from unwanted areas on gentle jets of reverse pressure. The fat that is aspirated never returns. The procedure provides long-lasting benefits when coupled with an active, healthy lifestyle. Also called Liposculpture, it offers an opportunity to sculpt the contours of your body to a more appealing shape.


Loose, lax skin at the face can be the result of aging or, in some cases, dramatic weight loss. Our buccal reduction patients frequently consider a Facelift rejuvenation procedure as part of their overall aesthetic strategy. Often, a little tightening at the face and cheeks is just what’s needed to finish off the effect of your new chiseled cheekbones. Alternately, as the years go by, you might consider a facelift to maintain the taut look of your buccal fat contouring.

Ravishing Results

Achieve the delicate features of a high fashion model with buccal fat reduction. Chubby cheeks are cute on kids but you need to be taken seriously.

You’ll enjoy nearly instantaneous results from your buccal fat removal. Over the course of four months, you will fully heal and see your ravishing results take shape!

See You on the Runway

Esthetica serves the sophisticated tastes of Orange County with the finest cosmetic services in Southern California. Achieve the look you deserve. Perfection awaits at Esthetica.

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Is Buccal Fat Removal Painful?

Discomfort is mild. Buccal fat reduction deals exclusively in the soft tissues of the face and cheeks. Though pain is rare, patients are given pain medications to take home in case you need them. During your recovery, you will need to ice the affected area regularly. This will reduce swelling and alleviate discomfort. You will be provided a headband that holds special ice packs around the cheek area to reduce swelling and provide comfort. Drink lots of ice water.

Can Buccal Fat Come Back?

Fret not! Your adolescent chipmunk cheeks will not make a return after buccal fat reduction surgery.[3] In fact, your cheeks tend to thin with age. Buccal fat reduction’s results are typically long-lasting. Be sure to keep a stable body weight for optimum outcomes.

How Much Does Buccal Cost Fat Reduction Cost in Orange County?

Buccal fat reduction will sculpt your features to flawlessly frame your face. At your personal consultation, one of Esthetica’s team of medical professionals will gather all the pertinent facts, including your health history and aesthetic goals. At this time, the patient coordinator will provide you with your surgical quote.

Watch Estehica’s specials page for frequent opportunities to save!

Do I Need Buccal Fat Removal?

If you aim to do something about your troublesome chubby cheeks, buccal fat reduction may be your best option. Unfortunately, facial fat is typically unresponsive to the benefits of diet and exercise.

So, no matter how many hours you spend at the gym, chiseled cheekbones may elude you. It would be wise to consider long-lasting surgical options before spending more money on another month’s worth of membership fees at your local gymnasium.

Where Is Buccal Fat Located?

Buccal fat is located in the cheeks. It is a deep fat pad based on either side of the face between several superficial muscle groups that make up the cheeks and the oral interior. Not to be confused with the fat pads at the jowl in the chin.

What Is Buccal Fat?

The buccal area of the face is the cheeks. It’s also known as the buccinator space, as this is where the buccinator is located; the muscle responsible for cheek tightening. Buccal fat is a pad of adipose tissue located in the cheek, which can be removed in a short cosmetic procedure.


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