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Eyelid surgery is a procedure that corrects drooping eyelids and/or reduces puffy deposits around the eyes. 

Say goodbye to undereye bags and hello to youthful vigor. Ptosis (sagging) of the eyelid skin accumulates as we age, as does the protrusion of fat under the lids. Older patients may experience the most pronounced effects of skin laxity, but some younger individuals inherit a predisposition for fat pouches, which may manifest at an early age. 

Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery can address issues of excess skin with surgical precision. If fat deposits present issues under or around the eyes, they can be reduced simultaneously. Esthetica understands the need for balance and restraint when altering the delicate upper facial region, or else hollowing under the eyes may occur.

To learn how eyelid surgery can benefit your appearance, contact Esthetica in Newport Beach, California. We also provide remote consultations, so connecting with a skilled surgeon is as easy as texting a trusted friend. 

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical solution to sagging, weary eyelids. Aging takes its toll on our eyes in several ways. In addition to the unsightly bags that grow in size over the years, sagging skin can obstruct a person’s eyesight. Peripheral perception suffers when ptosis intrudes on one’s field of vision. Eyelid surgery can address the functional and aesthetic issues brought on by sagging lids and fatty deposits along the upper face.


A droopy eyelid is bothersome, and it requires a delicate touch to correct. Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin while preserving the soft tissue that gives eyelids their appeal.[1] The expert team at Esthetica can contour your upper lids to bring an alert yet approachable demeanor back to your look. 


The bags under your eyes are packed, so now they need to go. But removing puffiness from the lower eye area can result in hollow gaps that disrupt your natural essence. Lower blepharoplasty must take into account the gradual transition from the eyelid to the cheek. By celebrating your natural profile, Esthetica will deliver amazing results. The lid-cheek junction will look smooth and cohesive, courtesy of your artfully precise surgeon.[2]

Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation

Eyelid surgery provides a wonderful spectrum of rewards. In addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits of blepharoplasty, there are operative perks as well. Patients often report improved vision along with a renewed feeling of youth and vigor after receiving eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty Benefits

  • Unobstructed view
  • Removal of undereye bags
  • Alignment of upper eyelids
  • Improved symmetry
  • Bring the lower lids into alignment with the adjacent slope of the cheek
  • Overall boost of confidence

To experience the benefits of eyelid surgery for yourself, contact Esthetica online or call (949) 721-1113

Eligible Candidates

Before determining your eligibility for blepharoplasty, it is advisable for you to visit an ophthalmologist. You should be checked for any contraindications such as glaucoma, circulatory conditions, dry eye, and diabetes before pursuing eyelid surgery. The best decision is an informed decision, and your friends and Esthetica want you equipped with optimal data.

Private Consultation in Newport Beach

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In addition to the medical records indicated above, please be prepared to share your aesthetic goals during your Esthetica consultation. We are staffed by the most caring cosmetic professionals in Orange County. With Dr. Wael Kouli, you will be conferring with a board-certified expert in the science and artistry of eyelid enhancement. 

Your doctor will assess your skin tone, take pictures of your eyelids, and explain your surgical options. If eyelid surgery is the best approach to address your ptosis (sagging) skin, then you will progress to the next stage in the preparation process. If an alternative approach would be more beneficial, your Esthetica representative will walk you through that procedure, step-by-step.


During your consultation, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for eyelid surgery. These directions will be tailored to your anatomy and needs, but they generally encourage you to promote healthy skin maintenance and circulation. Please quit smoking several weeks before any surgery. You may also be asked to stop taking certain blood-thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen in the days leading up to your blepharoplasty procedure. 

As the date of your surgery approaches, you should appoint a caregiver to join your journey. This loved one will help you fill prescriptions and drive you to and from your procedure. 


From the moment you arrive for your surgery, the Esthetica team will work to ensure your safety and comfort. You will meet with your surgeon to review the procedure and answer any remaining questions or concerns you may have. Your skin will be marked to guide our surgical approach, so you can get a preview of the enhancements you are about to experience. 

After you receive the appropriate anesthesia, the surgery begins. If you are undergoing both upper and lower blepharoplasty, your doctor will typically begin with the upper lids. All incisions are concealed along the natural crease of the eyelid so the surgeon can gain access to the excess fat and skin surrounding the fold. Once the upper lid is properly contoured, all incisions are gently and skillfully closed to create a harmonious, pleasing appearance. If the muscles along the upper lid are too weak to sufficiently support the weight of your skin, the surgeon may tighten the musculature.[3] 

In regards to the lower lid, the surgeon is careful not to remove too much excess fat. All incisions are concealed just inside the eyelash crease. The soft tissue and fat are artfully redistributed to create natural-looking contours before the incision is closed.

Recovery and Results

Since blepharoplasty affects such a focused, finite area, it requires less downtime than more extensive surgeries. While everyone’s healing process is unique to their body, the following guidelines are helpful tips to keep in mind during your restful recovery.

  • Rather than using blood-thinning pain medications, consider acetaminophen instead.
  • The night after your surgery, you may use ice packs on the affected area for 10 minutes per hour. 
  • In the next 24 hours, gradually decrease your use of ice packs to four or five times throughout the day.
  • Clean your eyelids gently, as directed by your Esthetica representative.
  • Use only prescribed ointments or drops.
  • Avoid swimming for a week.
  • Do not engage in strenuous activities.
  • Avoid irritating or rubbing your eyes.
  • For the first two weeks after your surgery, do not wear contact lenses.
  • Protect the eyes and their surrounding skin from the elements by wearing sunglasses.
  • Keep your head raised above your chest while you sleep.
  • Please return to Esthetica for any necessary follow-up appointments.

To get a glimpse of your future satisfaction, check out our glowing reviews. We are thrilled to deliver transformative results to our clients, and we are committed to continue providing 5-star service to our Southern California communities. 

Complementary Procedures 

Blepharoplasty is a delicate, definitive procedure that can perk up your perspective, but it is just one of the many aesthetic treatments offered at Esthetica. To address lax skin and wrinkles across your entire visage, consider the benefits of a facelift.

For a non-surgical approach to fine lines, Esthetica offers a full menu of med spa opportunities. Wrinkles occur when the elastin and collagen are depleted by the forces of time and neglect. Gaps emerge beneath the surface of the skin, allowing it to wither and pucker. Dermal fillers literally fill those gaps and add volume to aging skin.

While the rewards of dermal fillers can last up to two years, there is an even more enduring solution to gaunt features: facial implants. By adding dimensions in just the right places, you can counteract a “weak chin” or angular jawline. 

Stand out, stand tall, and stand proud with some help from the cosmetic experts at Esthetica. Contact our SoCal office at your earliest convenience.



Enhancement is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. The cost of blepharoplasty must be customized to each patient according to their needs and desires. Esthetica provides transparent fees and seasonal specials because you deserve the best care at the right price


You should only trust a procedure as precise and transformative as blepharoplasty to a board-certified surgeon. The doctors at Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery understand the vulnerable contours of the eyelids enough to enhance them with style and grace. Dial (949) 721-1113 to connect with one of our skilled, compassionate team members. Your dazzling new look is just a phone call away. Here’s lookin’ at you!


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