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Mini Facelift

As we age, facial tissue loses support and elasticity, jowls begin to form and folds around the mouth deepen. A mini facelift is designed to combat these effects of aging by repositioning drooping tissue and restoring your youthful facial contours.

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What Is A Mini Face Lift?

The mini facelift is a relatively new technique. Also known as the weekend facelift, or the S facelift, it is performed relatively quickly and involves a shorter recovery period than traditional facelift surgery.

The mini facelift focuses on specific areas of the face, such as the mid and the lower face. Using smaller incisions, our La Jolla plastic surgeons elevate and reposition aging facial tissue to restore a smoother and younger appearance.


  • Minimal scarring – The scars associated with a mini-facelift are well-concealed within your natural facial contours and hairline.
  • Few side effects – Mini facelifts are not as intensive as other surgeries. As such, there is less swelling and tenderness, and fewer risks.
  • Conservative enhancement – The mini lift exclusively targets the mid to lower third of your face. It enhances your natural appearance and subtly improves your contours, skin laxity, and wrinkles.
  • Improved self-esteem – After their mini facelift, our La Jolla patients report feeling significantly more confident about their appearance.
  • Average cost? – Beautiful and long-lasting results are achieved with a mini facelift, and it is more affordable and has a faster recovery than a traditional facelift.


The best mini facelift candidates are men and women who are beginning to experience the first signs of the aging process. In general, most of our mini facelift clients are in their 40s and want to address mild sagging and drooping around the jowls and cheeks.

What to expect

To begin your procedure, our Del Mar plastic surgeons will create small incisions hidden behind your ears. Through those openings, we will elevate and reshape the skin and underlying tissue located on the lower third of your face. We will also elevate the underlying muscular system (SMAS) to enhance your aging facial contours. SMAS lifting is a vital part of the procedure, because it’s what allows us to ensure that your transformation is dramatic, natural, and long-lasting.

The entire experience will take about two hours. Once the effects of the anesthesia have worn off, you will be free to return home to begin the healing process.


Since the mini facelift is a minimally-invasive procedure, the recovery time is much shorter than the full, traditional facelift, with less bruising and swelling. Patients are typically able to return to work within three to four days.

While you heal, bruising, swelling, redness and sensitivity are all common. These sensations and effects will dissipate with time as your body recovers.

Can Additional Procedures Be Performed With A Mini Facelift?

Several cosmetic procedures can enhance the rejuvenating effects of a mini facelift. If the upper portion of the face needs to be addressed, blepharoplasty or a brow lift may be considered. Laser treatments and chemical peels can be combined with a mini-facelift to improve the skin’s texture and reduce fine wrinkles.


Your personal signs of aging will influence whether a mini facelift or a traditional facelift is right for you. The best facelift is designed to refresh your appearance. When compared to the traditional version of this procedure, it delivers a less dramatic transformation and an easier recovery period.

In addition, the mini facelift only focuses on tightening and rejuvenating the mid to lower third of your face. If you also need to address wrinkles, creases and sagging skin around your eyes, forehead and brow, you will require a more comprehensive approach.

Why Choose Esthetica?

When you choose Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we are proud to have become the leading destination for discerning clients who demand superior results. Beauty injections injections should leave you looking younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated, not overdone. Our expert injectors are heads above in training and experience, for results you will love.

A mini facelift can refresh your appearance with minimal scarring. If you’re ready to love the face you see in the mirror each morning, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with one of our staff.

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